Frankie Boyle Describes David Cameron As An ‘Evil Genius’ In Guardian Column

Frankie Boyle is well known for his controversial comments on just about everything – but a piece written for the Guardian today seems to have just about everyone agreeing with him.

The column poses the unlikely question “What if David Cameron is an evil genius?”

The comic suggests that perhaps the Prime Minister could in fact be “a shrewd and malevolent psychopath who thinks two moves deeper into the game than any of his opponents”.

frankie boyle

Boyle suggested that David Cameron could, in fact, be an ‘evil genius’

He points out the possibility that Cameron may be a “modern-day Moriarty, living in a world where his schemes are only kept in check by the deductive brilliance of Harriet Harman”.

Boyle argues: “It’s time we accepted the true depth and horror of Cameron’s genius.

“In the run up to announcing a legislative programme entirely composed of the sort of things the Sheriff of Nottingham would yell at villagers as threats, he had everybody talking about foxes.


“He’s introducing the bulk interception of our emails and the only feeling it seems to have provoked from the public is mild arousal.

“He got quarter of a million people to sign a petition for a Human Rights Act referendum that they would definitely lose (British people think the European court of human rights is all about making sure that Ian Brady can get Netflix or marmalade or something).

“Indeed, Cameron had us all talking about human rights legislation while quietly pursuing a TTIP trade deal that will make human rights meaningless compared with those of corporations.”

Others also make an appearance in the column – Boris Johnson as a “sort of pissed-up dandelion”, Nick Clegg as “like one of those terrified mouse faces that you find in an owl pellet” and Michael Gove as a “kind of human bin fire”.

Boyle is well-known for dividing opinion, but that didn’t happen this time.

Boyle’s words have not always been so well-received.

The comic has caused controversy by joking about topics including, but not limited to, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, suicide, Jimmy Savile, Katie Price’s disabled son, the Royal family and the Middle East conflict.

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